Monday, May 3, 2021

Imperfect Timing by Bobbie Candas - Book Blitz and Giveaway


This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Bobbie Candas will be awarding a $30 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner and one signed print copy of the book to another winner via rafflecopter during the tour (print book restricted to continental US only)

Time is ticking on this second chance at romance…

With a recent promotion and loads of confidence, Chloe Stevens has landed in sunny LA as a sales director for a leasing company. Quickly picking up on successful business strategies, Chloe also zeros in on a challenging romance option, Zane Shepard, an LA city planner. Chloe and Zane quickly discover an intriguing lust/love attraction, eventually transforming it into the perfect relationship.  

After a year, Chloe is ready to take the next step, cohabitation, but instead, Zane blindsides her with the unexpected news of a breakup.

After months of sleepless nights doubting herself, Chloe decides their breakup stemmed from the issue of bad timing; she was ready to commit and he wasn’t. Armed with her theory of choosing future relationships based on matching timelines, Chloe packs up her damaged heart and moves home to Dallas.  She quickly lassos a new love interest, Trey Morgan; a boyfriend with good timing who’s ready to take the plunge.

Twenty years later, Chloe’s world unravels when she discovers her marriage to Trey is riddled with infidelity and lies. Taking on a new job, she’s forced to confront her past and rebuild the confidence she had in spades when she was younger. Unexpectedly, she has a chance to take a second stab at romance, but finds her good timing mantra severely tested.

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I tried to resurrect our happiest moments. It was probably right after I turned twenty-eight. Trey and I were surprised at how quickly I got pregnant.  My labor had been intense, almost twenty-four hours of surging pain, coming, going and then relentlessly returning in a more ferocious onslaught. Trey was my champion through the struggle, holding my hand, joking with the nurses, encouraging me, bringing ice chips, making me laugh, playing my favorite songs to distract me.  He stuck by me at my worst and was there for the big reveal.

I still remembered his excited words. “Sweet baby Jesus, Chloe, she’s coming in for a landing. It’s her head.  Just a little more. It’s happening, it’s happening. You’re awesome, doing fantastic! She’s so beautiful, so tiny.”  

Then he was crying.  Tall, burly Trey was crying like a baby, and our soft, sweet smelling pink bundle of a daughter was wailing, as a newborn should. I cried out of relief and my OB nurse and doctor wept from relief.  It was one noisy, joyful, wet room. Happy oozed from every pore of my being and I knew Trey was in the same state of mind as we held our daughter, gazing down on the miniature oval wrinkled face, surrounded by wisps of light hair. She cemented us and our marriage in that moment. There’d been uncertainties before, but we now knew we were in it together; a strong binding force brought about by a tiny, fragile person.

About the Author

I'm a Texas girl: grew up in San Antonio, went to school at UT in Austin, and settled in Dallas where I raised a husband, two kids and a few cats. My husband and cats will probably disagree on who raised who, but I'm a sucker for a robust discussion. 

For years I've been involved in retail management, but have also really enjoyed writing, taking deep dives into the lives of my characters. When you can pry my fingers off the keyboard, I've been known to imbibe in a few glasses of wine and have been spotted forking into some decadent desserts while gathering with friends and family. I enjoy shopping, usually on the hunt for apparel with a weakness for shoes, and will frequently jump at the opportunity taking an unexpected trip to a far-away place.

In addition, there’s always time for reading. I keep a stack of novels ready and waiting on my night stand, with a few tapping their toe in my Kindle as well. I bounce around genres, snoop around the best-seller lists, and on the ready for a good recommendation.

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  1. Hi there! Author, Bobbie Candas here. Thanks for hosting me today. My novel, Imperfect Timing is all about romance and many other life-altering occurrences. How do you feel about second-chance romances, or if you have a special little story to share, I'd love to hear it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Victoria, it’s a fun and compelling read.

  3. Thanks Rita, check out Amazon’s preview pages and see if it’s your cup of tea. Happy reading!

  4. This sounds like a very good book.

  5. Appreciate it Sherry, hope you give it a try. Have a great evening and cheers to second chances!

  6. Thanks Edger for hosting my book. I appreciate you and your followers!

  7. This sounds really enjoyable.