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Millionaire B & B by Robin Daniels - Book Blast and Giveaway

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Sadie is a successful romance author. She can write a swoon-worthy man with the best of them but can’t seem to find one for herself. Miles is the cute and wealthy heir to Copeland Press, Sadie’s publishing house. It’s hard to find a woman in his social circle who appreciates a down-to-earth book nerd.

When a twist of fate has Miles and Sadie double booked in the same vacation rental, they decide to share the cabin. Even though Miles isn’t Sadie’s type, she can’t deny the chemistry between them. Sadie’s down for a flirty fling, but Miles has other plans. He’s got a huge crush, and just one week to convince Sadie they were meant for a happily ever after.

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Miles set the bowl down and turned to face me. He was wearing a black apron that had red lips all over it and read Kiss the Cook. Underneath the apron were some nicely-fitting jeans and a maroon T-shirt that said something about Gryffindor. “Kiss the Cook, huh? Is that the price for breakfast?”

“No, breakfast is free…but I do accept tips.” He winked, and I shoved a giant strawberry in my mouth to stave off a giggle. Seems I also had a fourteen-year-old girl inside of me who was fighting the horny sixteen-year-old boy for control of my body.

Time to put the ball in his court. “If you plan to cook like this every morning, you should probably just stay for the rest of the week.” It came out sounding more forward than I’d intended. I popped in another grape and held my breath while I chewed. Miles cocked his head to the side, searching my eyes for what felt like minutes. I was starting to feel stupid because I’d just thrown it out there, not bothering with subtlety.

Before I could withdraw my offer, he asked, “Let me get this straight. I can crash your vacation, and the only thing you want in return is breakfast?” His tone held a hint of innuendo, and his mouth tipped up at the corners, making his eyes crinkle.

There’s no way I was reading into that one. I gave him a playful smile and nodded. “Yep. Breakfast is the only fee. Of course, I do accept tips.”

About the Author:

Robin is an overgrown child who fancies herself a bit of a comedienne. She loves to laugh, crack jokes, create flirty characters, write witty banter and believes in happy endings. Robin lives outside of Phoenix with her wonderful husband, five crazy kids and naughty labradoodle puppy. Millionaire B&B is her first adult rom-com, but she has six YA titles that are equally fun.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

My Darkest Prayer by S. A. Cosby - Book Tour and Giveaway

Whether it's working at his cousin's funeral home or tossing around the local riff raff at his favorite bar, Nathan Waymaker is a man who knows how to handle the bodies. A former Marine and Sheriff's deputy, Nathan has built a reputation in his small Southern town as a man who can help when all other avenues have been exhausted. When a local minister with grandiose ambitions is found dead, Nathan is approached by his parishioners who feel the local police are dragging their feet with the investigation. What starts out as an easy payday soon descends into a maze of mayhem filled with wannabe gangsters, vicious crime lords, porn stars, crooked police officers and a particularly treacherous preacher and his mysterious wife. Nathan must use all his varied skills and some of his wit to navigate the murky waters of small town corruption even as dark secrets of his own threaten to come to the surface.


The Cove had once been a small biker bar with a clientele that ranged from convicted felons to soon to be convicted felons. Two years ago, the owner, Ricky Callipher, and his girlfriend had disappeared. The last time anyone ever saw them was after the bar closed one hot and sticky Friday night in June. They had been observed at the gas station at the corner of Rt.198 and Rt.14. Most people thought they had run out of town ahead of debts. Both legal and otherwise. Word on the street was they had run afoul of some boys who went by the regionally influenced sobriquet of the “Dixie Mafia.” The local grapevine postulated they would show up one day after the heat had died down. I didn’t think so. A week before Ricky and his lady had gone missing I ran into my friend Skunk in town. I knew Skunk sometimes did some freelance work for the Dixie boys. If they had sent Skunk after Ricky, you could probably cancel Ricky’s newspaper subscription.


Tell us about your book what inspired it?

In the summer of 2015 I had published several short stories in different anthologies and magazines.  I felt the next step in my writing career was to challenge myself by taking on a novel.  At the time my day job was working at family owned funeral home. I felt a funeral home was a ripe setting for a mystery novel and i didn't think it had been done to death. I  finished MY DARKEST PRAYER  in June of 2016.

What was the hardest part to write in this book?

I think the hardest part to write in the book were the scenes where the main character Nathan Waymaker discusses the death of his parents. Those sections were difficult to envision and even more difficult to write because of the incredibly painful place i had to go to mentally to find the words to make the scenes seem realistic. 

What are you working on next.

Right now I am in the midst of edits for a southern heist novel tentatively titled BLACKTOP WASTELAND  and I also working on a new revenge thriller that will hopefully be completed by the end of March.

What do you think makes a good story?

I think a compelling story is one that not only makes you think but also makes you feel. Those two things are not always sympatico. Strong characters who challenge your sense of complacency. Those are the stories that stay with you long after you have close the book. 

Do you have any unusual writing rituals?

I don't know about unusual but I can't write without listening to music. Different songs help me write different scenes. Hard rock or hard rap help me write fight scenes. Soft jazz or instrumental music helps me write more staid or calm scenes. I used to have a lucky hat but i lost it in St. Petersburg FL.

What do you do when you are not writing?

I love to read any and all types of books. Fiction ,nonfiction, historical novels ,crime and mystery stories. I like to work out and lift weights. Working out sometimes helps me clear up plot issues that come up in my writing . I'm also a poor chess player and somewhat competent cook. I'm also an avid hiker. 

Any last words?

I hope that readers will enjoy MY DARKEST PRAYER. If they have half as much fun reading as i did writing it they will really enjoy themselves. 


About the Author

S.A. Cosby is a writer whose work has been published in numerous magazine and anthologies. His story "Slant-Six" received an honorable mention in Best Mystery Stories of 2016. His life experiences include being a retail manager, a bouncer, a forklift driver, a landscaper, a roadie, a construction worker, a mortuary attendant, and he once wore a cow suit when he worked for Chik Fil-A. He majored in English at Christopher Newport University and now lives in Gloucester, Virginia.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone - Book Tour and Giveaway

An explosive yearning that can’t be denied.
Disturbing visions from an ancient past.
A mysterious stranger that somehow feels familiar.

On the night of her fiftieth birthday, the comfortable ride of Toscana’s life takes an alarming plunge. Haunted by seductive visions, she tries to push aside the desire and focus on the husband who adores her. Then she falls for Flynn, a younger man with an eye for adventure and a heart full of romance, who leaves her doubting everything she’s believed about love and passion. 

In Atlanta, Rome, and the lush scenery of Tuscany, Toscana searches for answers to the mysteries of her life while she faces her biggest question. If she listens to her feelings will she lose everything she holds dear, or does her heart hold the key to love and joy?


I want something exciting to happen. Something wonderful like selling my brownies in Italy. They’re perfect for the Italian market, the quick savor of delight at the end of a meal with a glass of wine. Or in the morning with the first cup of cappuccino. A little shot of sweet to start the day. If I can just find the right person, the right words. Without Jackson, though . . .

The flutter moves to my collarbone. Persistent. Steady. Like the soft beating of a dove’s wings. My mother’s voice whispers to me. Words she said to me many times as I was growing up. Puoi fare tutto quello che vuoi. You can do anything you want. I close my eyes and see her sweet face, the luminous eyes that glowed with a wisdom I wanted to have. Sì, Mama, I say and nod my head. She’s right. And with that acceptance comes the yearning for my other home, the place of my ancestors. Graceful olive trees that surround my aunt and uncle’s villa; lush gardens filled with jasmine, roses, and lavender; hills of green that roll to the horizon. The memories spring to life and catch me by surprise. Nonna’s golden cakes as light as clouds. Nonno’s hearty hug that squeezed the air right out of my lungs. The moon skimming the tops of the trees. The stars so clear and bright I knew I could touch them if I just reached out my hand. 

I need to go. I need to stuff my face with chocolate-dipped biscotti and cassata and torta di nonna and listen to sappy love songs that I barely understand and dance in the moonlight under the stars.


What should readers expect when they pick up your book?

Expect to be immersed in good food, chocolate, love, and passion. Toscana owns an Italian sweets shop and loves to cook and bake, especially brownies, so there are loads of mouth-watering descriptions of food and chocolate. She’s half Italian and a lot of the story takes place in Rome and Italy, and she has to eat, so they’ll probably want to hop the next plane to Italy to try out some torte di mele, tiramisu, cacio e pepe, krumiri, fettucine con carciofi, etc. plus all the gelato.  The love story with Flynn and the connection to ancient Rome opens the doors to passion and forgiveness. And underlying all the scrumptious food and longing is Toscana’s journey of self-discovery, learning to open her heart , trusting herself and her instincts, and all the obstacles and pitfalls and mistakes she makes along the way as she travels (literally and figuratively) in search of what she truly desires.

Have you started your next project?

Yes. In the past I’ve focused on women’s fiction or historical fiction with some aspect of love as the underlying theme. This new book is taking me into uncharted territory. It’s developing as a YA fantasy with a teenage girl who tries to heal the heart of the planet. There are a lot of areas that I’ve never delved into before—the human heart, the ocean, math and logic, synesthesia, fractal geometry, Hebrew traditions—so I have my work cut out for me. But love and forgiveness make up the underlying theme, so the structure may be different but the core feels the same.

How did you choose the genres you write in?

I love love. I know that sounds trite, but  I’m a hopeless romantic, always looking on the bright side of things and wanting the best for people, and everybody wants love and to be loved. So when I started writing I began with romance. As I matured and my writing matured, I became more aware of complex relationships, the struggles and challenges, the effort and compromise, the needs and fears that we all exhibit. I’m fascinated by the choices people make or don’t make and how some environments are hostile and unsupportive and others are safe and loving and nurturing. I’m also a huge fan of historical fiction. I never liked reading history straight out of the textbook, but weave a story around it and you have my attention. Besides all of that, I listen to my intuition and Spirit and when those crazy ideas come to me I do my best to follow.

What do you think makes a book a really good/bestseller?

Characters and a story that people can relate to. And hope. The human spirit wants to believe in the best, in fairness and justice for all and a safe world to live in. That’s why we all root for Superman or any of the superheroes. We love a good fight but in the end we want the good guy to win. Stories that show a journey for the character get our attention, especially if we can root for them along the way. Even tragedies that break our hearts stay with us because we want so much for the characters to prevail. 

The best book/s you ever read?

How much space do I have? I’ve been an avid reader since I was a little kid so I know there are hundreds, maybe thousands of books that I’ve loved over the years. Favorite books, like movies, are ones that I want to read again and again. Here are my top 25 right now: Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell), The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley), Dancing on Broken Glass (Ka Hancock), Cloud Nine (Luanne Rice), Illusions (Richard Bach), The Outlander Series (Diana Gabaldon), The Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy (Nora Roberts), Born in Trilogy (Nora Roberts), The Last Chinese Chef (Nicole Mones), The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein), The Thorn Birds (Colleen McCullough), Almost Heaven (Judith McNaught), Comfort & Joy (Kristin Hannah), The Nightingale (Kristin Hannah), A Fall of Marigolds (Susan Meissner), Magonia (Maria Dahvana Headley), Every Day (David Levithan), Timekeeper (Tara Sim), The Other Einstein (Marie Benedict), The Reluctant Midwife (Patricia Harman, The Scribe of Siena (Melodie Winawer), The Bookseller (Cynthia Swanson), Delirium (Lauren Oliver), Everything Everything (Nicola Yoon), The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope (Rhonda Riley).

Favorite place to read?

I read in bed, in a chair by the window, on the couch, just about anywhere that’s comfortable. My dream place would be on a long, wide couch in a warm room with lots of pillows and a cup of tea by my side. The couch would face a huge window that looked out over the ocean with a view of the beach and the waves and the sun. That would be heaven.

Anything else you might want to add? 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Bella Toscana. And if you do read it, please drop me a line. Authors lead lives of solitude, plying our craft and hoping that we’ve created a story that entertains, that makes you think, that inspires you. Hearing from a reader is the most amazing thing. So please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.


About the Author

Nanette Littlestone never knew she wanted to be a writer until she was over forty. But once she began, the ideas didn’t stop. Her fascination with relationships, history, and the spiritual path has opened her writing to women's fiction, historical fiction, and inspirational nonfiction.

A native Californian, Nanette lives in Atlanta, Georgia, far from the beach (which she loves) but a place that’s warm with spectacular scenery. On the professional side, she helps entrepreneurial women write and get published with Words of Passion. On the fun side, she takes walks with her husband, cooks, plays with graphic design, and makes origami butterflies. She loves to travel, but she’s waiting for the teleportation machine to whisk her off to Greece or Asia. In the meantime, she’s happy with dark chocolate and romantic movies that make her cry.

Author links:

Newsletter signup: www.wordsofpassion.com 

Book Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle: https://amzn.to/2AY52q0
Amazon paperback: https://amzn.to/2FRj7bZ 

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