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My Wonderful Wobbly Life by Charles Irwin - Book Tour and Giveaway

Having survived quite a few birthdays and had some interesting experiences, I wrote them down. That's how "My Wonderful Wobbly Life" was conceived. It was nearly born in 2004, but decided to hang on until 2018 to become 'Born again' Alleluia!!!!



Contemplating my entry into this incarnation, from where Iam now, I am able to formulate various scenarios regarding it.

• At the moment of my conception, my soul knew of the difficulties my mother would experience while giving birth to her childand therefore chose to be born to my parents in a damagedphysical body.

• The forceps slipping during my delivery was an unforseen accident,as was the subsequent struggle for life of the child. Duringthis struggle, my present soul took over from the soul which had originally chosen my parents to fulfil its karmic requirements.

• However it was organized at birth, the result is I AM HERENOW. My soul has experienced much during the seventy-one years it has inhabited this damaged body on its way to fulfilling the contract it made with spirit prior to incarnation.

My gut feeling is I am a ‘walk in.’ When the soul, which had chosen my parents as its vehicle to incarnate through, found the physical body had been damaged due to an accident it returned to the Soul Pool. When the soul left the damaged body and the baby was dying, my soul, which was waiting in the Soul Pool for an appropriate vehicle to incarnate into, ‘walked in.’ This is one explanation for the lack of feeding and lethargy during the first few days of my life.”

Guest Post

“There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.
Books are well written, or badly written.”
                                                     Oscar Wilde.
My age is showing when I tell you, written material to masturbate by always used to end in  …….!  In my mis-spent youth ‘a naughty novel’ meant that, at the end of a chapter, there was a line of dots, leaving what was happening to a reader’s imagination,  The more ‘…..s’ there were, the more salacious was the scene imagined.
Today, most of society does not understand the difference between ‘erotica’ and ‘pornography’.  Dictionary definitions of each word are very similar, which begs the question, “Is the difference in the education of the reader?” 

To cater for the ‘dumbing down’ of readers’ education, authors have become more explicit in writing sex scenes and leave very little to the imagination. Every breath, every movement every sensation is graphically explained. Could that be because people have no need to use much imagination nowadays. 

 My introduction to erotica was a book whose title I forget, except that it included the word ‘Moon’.  The story centred on a tribe of people who were different to the norm, in that both sexes had three breasts, which were kept covered in public.  Within the tribe, sexual intercourse was a natural and normal bodily function that could be satisfied with any partner, anywhere, at any time; even publicly was quite acceptable.  However, there was something couples did in private that, to me, was erotic and sexually arousing.  The couples would bathe together then lie naked as they dried in front of a fire.  Then, very gently, they would caress each other before entwining their bodies so that each could suck on the other’s third breast.  The build-up to that scene, which finally revealed the secret of the marriage bed, was extremely erotic.  I discovered that book in 1949, when I was working as an office boy for an export bookseller in London.  The staff were allowed to borrow books waiting to be sent to clients.  Therefore, we had the pick of current publications and special orders, some of which were risqué.  ‘No Orchids for Miss Blandish’ by James Hadley Chase and ‘Forever Amber’ by Kathleen Windsor were really naughty books back then.  I can truthfully say the ‘brown paper covers’ we had to use when borrowing books were never singed or scorched by the ‘naughty bits’ e.g. ‘Forever Amber’ pp. 135.

In England, prior to 1960, books such as ‘Delta of Venus’ by Anais Nin, ‘Tropic of Cancer’ by Henry Miller, ‘Roman Erotic Poetry’ by Ovid,  ‘Story of my Life’ by Giacomo Casanova and ’Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ by D. H. Lawrence among others, were all forbidden erotic publications.  The land mark legal decision that changed things was handed down in London in 1960 and allowed the publication of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”.  That was the first English language novel to describe sexual intercourse, recognising it as an awakening of emotional as well as physical passion.  The gardener’s verbal description of his sexual partner ’Lady C’ used colloquial, coarse, working-class language, complete with ’F’ and ’C’ words, which had previously been banned in published English literature.  In my opinion, that decision was the thin edge of the wedge, because it widened yesterday’s field of erotica into today’s paddock of para-pornography. 

About the Author

Charles was born in London U.K. in 1932. During his birth the forceps slipped, resulting in brain damage to the motor control nerves of his right side and causing total body spasticity. However, his intellect was not damaged. Throughout his life the two adversaries, controllable brain and semi-controllable body, always needed to be balanced. After several years of work and study he became a Chartered Production Engineer. In 1971 he emigrated to Australia and became a senior examiner in the Australian Patent office. This autobiography illustrates the rhyme: “He started to sing as he tackled the thing, That couldn’t be done - but he DID IT!” Charles chronicles his journey from useless to useful, with humour and joie de vie. He pays tribute to friends who only gave him help when it was asked for. At a young age he recognized his psychic abilities and, by using lessons at the end of each chapter, shares some insights with readers

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