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Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant - Book Tour and Giveaway

If a gold medal was awarded for Worst Day Ever, Laney Calderone would win it today, hands down. She’s just discovered she's pregnant, her fiancé abruptly dumps her when she tells him, and her new car refuses to start as a brutal snowstorm hits Toronto.
Good Samaritan Tyler Hammond offers to take her home; however, with the heavy snow falling and his patience dwindling, Laney’s gold medal day isn’t over yet.
Storms intensify both outside and in as Laney finds herself inexplicably attracted to this tall, dark and very handsome but infuriating stranger.
Can Laney fight her unwanted yet increasing desire for this man long enough to get through the relentless storm? And will Tyler let her walk out of his life as easily as she came into it?


Laney slammed the door shut then lifted the hood. Now, she thought, what exactly is it I’m supposed to be looking for? Her eyes roamed the assorted engine circuitry wishing she could see a flashing neon sign with the words Push this Button to Restart Engine.
No such luck. The heavy, wet snow covered the engine and she shivered again trying to brace herself against the powerful squalls.
“Need any help?” a deep voice penetrated the howling wind.
Laney heaved another sigh as she looked up and saw someone approaching. “No, of course not!” she snapped, in no mood for stupid questions. “I often come out here late at night during raging blizzards to study the complexities of my car engine! Would you like to join me? Perhaps later we could pop into the coffee shop down the street for a latté and scone, just to finish the evening off right.”
A low chuckle escaped the stranger’s lips. “All right, as you seem to have the situation under control, I’ll leave you to it. Goodnight.”
“Wait —” Through the swirls of snow Laney was now very much aware of the man approaching. Her eyes took in his massive shoulders hidden beneath a black leather jacket, and as he got closer, her gaze wandered higher taking in the full lips creased in a smile, a finely chiselled nose and steel grey eyes that seemed to be twinkling, then thick, dark curls which refused to be flattened by the huge, wet flakes.

What should readers expect when they pick up your book?

Readers can expect to be transported to the beautiful city of Toronto and into the wealthy, powerful and exciting world of the Calderone family.  Laney Calderone is having her worst day ever, so I’m sure readers can relate to that. And the fun has just begun!

What inspired the plot for your current novel?

Funnily enough, a blizzard inspired me. I wondered what would happen if I got stuck in a brutal snowstorm and my car wouldn’t start, what would happen to me?  Where would I find shelter? How would I get home?  Would a Good Samaritan come along to rescue me?

Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?
Unfortunately, yes. I know we’ve all heard that old adage, “never judge a book by it’s cover”, but we all do it, subconsciously or not.  So, with this in mind, I try to have my covers come as close as they can to resembling the characters and settings in my books. That’s why I wanted the beautiful Toronto skyline in the background, and this will appear on each book cover in the Calderone Romance Family series, so that readers at a glance will know it’s a book in the series. And, of course, the leading lady and handsome hero in the foreground gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.
Favorite place to read?

If I say ‘anywhere’, will you roll your eyes?  Lol.  I love reading, and I can usually be found with a book (or two) in my bag, so I can pull it out and enjoy a story anywhere at any time.  If I’m being honest, I’d have to say my favourite spot is in bed before I go to sleep.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Near an ocean.  Any ocean.  I love the feel of the sand and the water, I love the sounds of the waves, I love the scent of the salty air, and I find I’m my most relaxed and creative when I sitting on the sand watching those waves.

Anything else you might want to add? 

Yes, thank you so much for allowing me to be here today!  I enjoyed my visit and would love to return with my next novel.


About the Author

Born in England to a Monty Python-loving dad and a Lawrence Welk-loving mum - tea drinkers all - we moved to Canada when I was seven. "Say book, say look" my new classmates would hound me just so they could have a good chuckle at my accent. But being incredibly shy, this was a great way for me to make friends.

My love of words and a creative imagination prompted English teachers to urge me to write for a living, especially after I got a letter from the Prime Minister who thanked me for writing to him!  So cool for a twelve-year-old!

Through the years, I wrote while I earned a living as an Administrative Assistant in various companies; then I owned a Wedding Coordination business for six years (talk about romance!), all the while being happily married to the love of my life.
These interesting jobs plus wedded bliss gave me oodles of ideas for romantic plot lines, tall, dark and handsome heroes and feisty, beautiful heroines, and, of course, the happily ever afters.

I currently live in Mississauga and spend time with family and friends, and struggle daily with the wine and chocolate that somehow magically appear in my house...

And, amidst the endless cups of strong tea, while the dead parrot sketch and Cole Porter songs whirl around in my brain, I write. I will always write romances because I love creating fascinating characters whose lives I can make completely miserable before I give them their happily ever after.

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Victoria Grant will be awarding 3 signed paperback copies of the book to randomly drawn winners (North America Only) via rafflecopter during the tour.

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