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Until We Are Free by TM Blayte - Book Tour and Giveaway

Nyl Jayms is tasked with kidnaping the Elder princess, to force her brother, the king, to negotiate with humans. The alternative is a war that could lead to the annihilation of both humans and Elders.

A Rider Council faction, led by Nyl’s father, is opposed to any negotiations. They will do anything, including sabotaging his assignment, to trigger a war.

Nyl and his team have to outsmart the king’s elite Royal Guard, to get to the princess, and somehow stay one step ahead of the faction opposed to negotiations. Everyone will be forced to re-evaluate ideology they were raised with, as an impending war looms ever closer.

Join these elite teenage rebel warriors on a journey of war, betrayal, and political scheming, in Until We Are Free. In this debut novel from TM Blayte, faces of friends, family, allies and enemies will blur. Loyalties will be tested, until the determination to be free becomes the only thing that matters. After all, does one person’s freedom mean another person’s oppression?”


“Julius, guard the truck, we'll be back in a sec.” The driver turns, and two of the guards follow him. Julius turns out to be the guy undressing Mira with his eyes.

“He wanted to see all of you . . .” Mira says, her voice trembling just a little. They don't pick up on it. It’s not that Mira cannot protect herself from this guy. Far from it. But getting into side fights on a mission is never ideal.

The driver shakes his head, “He should have sent other guards. We cannot leave the truck unprotected.”

This isn't going well at all. If Mira insists any further, they will get suspicious. If she doesn't, we'll have to deal with Julius, and leaving unconscious bodies lying around isn't on the agenda

Mira realizes this too. She shrugs one shoulder and leans against the truck, “Fine then. Have it your own way. Don't say I didn't warn you.”

“Let them go, Sugar.” Julius says, putting his arm around Mira. I can see her freeze. “You and I have a lot to talk about.”

Mira's voice squeaks, and I'm not so sure she's faking fear, “I have to go back to work. They'll be looking for me.”

He laughs and strokes her face. She flinches. “Relax. I'll cover for you.” He forces her in an embrace, and his face is travelling to her face. One of the hands he has on her shoulders starts creeping down her neck.

That is enough for me. I creep forward as quietly as I can. Andy says something, but I don't hear him. I stand behind Julius. Mira's calculating gaze meets mine as she diverts her face. Looking at my raised fist, she shakes her head. I ignore that. She is out of her mind if she thinks I'll let this guy have his way with her. I ram my fist against his skull.

Mira darts out of his embrace just in time. He falls on his stomach, unconscious.

“Nyl!” Mira looks angry, “Are you mad. You could have jeopardized the entire operation.”

I turn Julius over. He has a small cut on his forehead, and a bruise there too that I'm sure will look nasty in a couple of days. “You didn't expect me to leave you alone with this creep, did you?”

“I can take care of myself. Last time I checked, it was you and not me who needed an ass saving from three Castle Mountaineers, back at Camp.”

I'm about to say “looks like you were doing great,” when Andy approaches. “I think we should hide him somewhere.”

“Behind the trees,” I say, looking around.

Mira shakes her head, still glaring at me, “They'll look there. We take him with.”

I'm about to argue, but then Gydeon comes through, “First operation complete?”

“Got delayed, under way.”

Time is running out. I grab the guard under his shoulders. Mira grabs his feet while Andy opens the cab door.

About the Author

Aspiring journalist by day, reader by night, and author somewhere in between, TM Blayte is the author of Until We Are Free. He is published by Alban Lake Publishing. He is also the author of short works such as: Till Death Do Us Part, The Last Children, and The Power of Legend.
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