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Rescued from the Dungeon by Anarie Brady & Kristi Ahlers - Book Tour and Giveaway

About the Book

Rescued from the Dungeon: Oubliette

It took a tornado and the near destruction of his home for Jason, a professor of history, to learn that his family had once owned his neighbor David’s family. While repairing the damage from the storm, friendship and more blossom between David, Jason, and Marina, Jason’s submissive wife. Determined to ease Jason’s guilt over his family history, Marina proposes a unique way of putting old ghosts to rest.

Rescued from the Dungeon: Love’s Captive

Victoria Padgett is working the front lines as a nurse during WWI. She has just finished celebrating her first wedding anniversary with her husband and Duke of Willby, Ashton Padgett, in Paris. Together they decide it would be best if she returns to England, open up the ducal estate as a hospital and treat the wounded there where she will be safe and can practice the medicine and sanitary practices she thinks will aide in recovery. She returns to Belgium and the front line to turn in her resignation but while there she is kidnapped and held hostage in a ch√Ęteau dungeon by Ashton’s once best friend who thinks Victoria should’ve been his. Will Ashton be able to save his Victoria before war and a madman takes the love of his life from him?


Throughout dinner, Marina remained quiet. She served the men first and made sure they had two full glasses – one of water and the other of wine – at all times. She herself drank only water and ate lightly. She never liked going into a session with an overly full tummy. Once they'd finished, the men chatted amicably while she cleared the table. When everything was neat and tidy, she returned to the dining room and knelt between the men.

"Marina, what is it you want to propose?" Jason asked. She wouldn't speak until he had given her permission. She was in full submind, a level just below subspace. Submind could be maintained for hours, days even. It happened when she let go of the needs, desires, and stresses of the outside world, allowing her mind to focus only on the needs, desires, and wishes of Jason, her dominant. The source wasn't necessarily sexually motivated, but rather service motivated, unlike subspace, which was often achieved while sexually stimulated. In truth, subspace was rather like that delicious glow that often happens to vanilla couples after sex, but that glow was more like a nuclear explosion.

"Sir, I know how upset you've been since David shared his history. I wish to propose something that might, in some small way, appease your sense of fairness," she began.

"That's not necessary..." David began.

"No, she's right," Jason interrupted. "I agree with you that we need to leave hate and guilt and blame in the past. There's no way I can ever make up for what my family did to yours, David, so there's no point it trying. But, I can't let go of this. The image of what your ancestors suffered at the hands of mine keeps running through my mind. I need to find a way to still those ghosts. What were you thinking, Marina?"


Tell us about your current release

My current release is Love’s Captive in the book compellation for “Rescued from the Dungeon.”
It’s about a female doctor who goes to work in field hospitals for the British during WWI, she is captured and taken behind enemy lines. I’ve always had a fascination regarding the history of this war, and the ramifications of how it touched the lives of people involved.

What exciting story are you working on next?

I’m actually working on something vastly different from the historic romance I’m talking about today. I recently lost my sister unexpectedly and as a result my life kinda turned upside and pear-shaped to boot. As a result, a different idea came to me and I’ve been working on this, a story about a person who has to wake up to a new normal and adjust and find their place in the world after they’ve lost someone close to them. How they deal with the grief, and the fallout of the change.

What are your future ambitions?

Well, I’ve always believed if you’re going to dream, dream BIG! And over the course of the last nine months or so, I’ve realized that this crazy ride we call life doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee you’ll have all the time in the world to accomplish those pesky life goals. So….my future “ambition” is to write a treatment for a television show, or movie. I think the best job, the dream job (for me anyhow) would be a writer on a show. The challenge of getting a script out in five days, the ability to sit down with a room full of writers and brainstorming. And then the reward of seeing the character(s) coming to life.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I try to stay separated from a bad review. I mean I’m not going to make every reader happy with my stories or characters. I do try to learn from the feedback, I don’t ignore it, if I read the same negative feedback more than three times I take what is said seriously. Unless the complaint is “the story is too short” and it’s a novella. Not much as a writer we can do about that as we are giving a word count from our publisher. 

Favorite place to read?

I’ll read just about anywhere. I carry a book in my purse wherever I go. No seriously. Wallet, keys, book. Or Nook. If I don’t have a book with me I get twitchy! But, if I had to pick a favorite spot, I love reading on the beach, or in a hot lavender bath. But, I really can read anywhere provided the book has grabbed my attention.

Favorite book to recommend?

Oh, wow, this is hard. I have so many favorites! As far as a good classical read, I adore Les Miserable. I read it every other year, I love it so much. Kid you not, I think Jean Valjean is one of the most amazing characters written. I’m currently reading Laura Esquirel’s Like Water for Chocolate. I’m totally in love with this story, Tita is another great character. This book is part of my yearly reading challenge, to read books outside my normal go-to genres. I picked up a book called 1001 Books to Read Before You Die I’ve read several that have been amazing and few that left me wondering why they’d made the list. But, hey to each their own. As far as the Romance Genre, I’ll automatically pick up Karen Rose (great romantic suspense reads), Heather Graham because she’s amazing, and Maya Rodale, Shana Galen, and Laura Lee Ghurke.

Anything else you might want to add?

I love books but movies are a second passion for me. If you’re wanting a fun movie challenge may I suggest either watching all 90 of the Oscar Best Picture movies. Hey, I started this challenge back in mid-February and I’ve watched all but 3! I have 3 left! And no, I didn’t fast forward any of them, but boy did I want to on a couple, ok, more than a couple. After all a movie is nothing more than a book with pictures. I love hearing from my readers and I can always be reached through my author Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/kristiahlerswriter/


About the Author

Kristi Ahlers is a California girl! She grew up in Northern California in a small city called Yuba City. Since then she's lived in Brussels, Belgium, and England along with a myriad of other locations. A former flight attendant, she was able to continue to feed her love of travel. This has greatly influenced her writing, allowing her to pen stories about places she's managed to visit and things she's experienced.

Kristi loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at katahlers@gmail.com
visit her at her virtual home at www.kristiahlers.com

Anarie Brady writes hot, happy ever after love stories filled with strong men and strong women who choose to submit to their own desires. She also loves scratching her chinchilla in all his itchy spots, sipping tea, and savoring whiskey. She absolutely adores hearing from fans, so don’t be shy! 

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