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A Maiden's Honor by Josanna Thompson - Book Tour and Giveaway

About the Book

Sarah Campbell is a rarity among women in her time. Raised by her Scottish father and the natives of a remote island in the South Pacific, Sarah and her father embark on a perilous journey to Scotland. Their crew betrays them and murders her father for the purpose of selling Sarah into slavery. She is rescued by an unlikely hero, Hassan Aziz, the most feared pirate on the Barbary Coast. She quickly discovers that she is unprepared for the complex world that is suddenly thrust upon her. Sarah must find a way to survive in a world that intrigues and terrifies her.


“Explain it in a way that she can understand,” Hassan shouted. “I want her to understand your treachery. Tell her now, or I will cut off your ears, your nose, and every part of your body until you confess your sin.” While several of his crewmen held Emile steady, Hassan pressed his saber against the doctor’s ear. “This is your last opportunity to confess,” he warned as he pushed his saber deep enough to draw blood. 

Beads of sweat rolled down Emile’s forehead. “I deceived you, Sarah.” His voice quivered as he spoke in English. “We intended to murder your father when we decided to give you passage to France.”

“What murder?” Sarah asked.


What was the hardest part to write in this book?

Writing Cora Bradley’s story was undoubtedly the hardest part of this project. Cora is a favorite character. She goes through a lot in this story, to say the very least. Though she triumphs, it’s difficult to put her through such a difficult experience. 

Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.

When I was writing A Maiden’s Honor, I had grand visions for my cover. It was a simple design. My main character, Sarah, would be standing by the railing on the Zafirah looking out onto the horizon, or perhaps at the city of Algiers, wearing only her blue paru (a short Polynesian skirt). All you would see of Sarah was her long flowing burgundy hair hanging loosely down her back and her bare arms and shoulders with the tattoos on her arms. Her head would be turned to the side with her face slightly tilting downward, and a white flower would be tucked behind her ear. That’s it. My small publisher informed me that my idea was beyond his budget, and I would need to pay someone to design this cover, which was beyond my budget. So I moved on to Plan B. My designs came about through many trials and errors. My friends and I came up with the current design a month later. 
My cover design odyssey is a very long and funny story. It’s documented on my website. Click here if you want to read it.  
Everything in this cover is symbolic. Here’s a breakdown of the symbolism and its meaning:
Water:  Sarah Campbell's Journey
Flower:  Sarah's Polynesian heritage (The flower is a silk version of the Tahitian Gardenia)
Tartan:  Sarah's Scottish heritage. (This is actually the Campbell tartan.)
Black Pearl:  Sarah's rarity. (Black pearls were very rare in Europe during the early 19th century.)
Anchor:  Sarah's marriage to a sea captain 
Ring:  Sarah's Honor
Oh, by the way, I managed to fit Sarah into the cover. If you look carefully, you can find her silhouette standing by the railing of the Zafirah. 

What have been your most effective ways to connect with readers?

I communicate with readers through a variety of avenues, Facebook, email, sometimes Twitter, or my website. I enjoy interacting with the readers. It’s especially thrilling to hear from them while they read A Maiden’s Honor. For example:

A Portuguese blogger contacted me about a month ago. She’s 19 years old, and she wanted to read and blog about my book. I couldn’t say no. I mailed her a signed copy. We kept in touch as she read my book. I also offered her insights into my characters and the story. Hearing her reactions as she reached certain parts meant the world to me. 

To anyone reading A Maiden’s Honor: Please feel free to contact me through the social media avenues mentioned above. I would love to hear from you. Also, please feel free to ask my characters questions through my website. They are very chatty and would love to hear from you. Click here to contact them.  

What genre influenced you the most? And why?

I love, love, love epic historical fiction/historical romances. I’m a history addict. I enjoy immersing myself into a place and different era. I can tell you from experience that it takes a mammoth effort to do research for the period book that you’re writing. Adding the smallest details makes the difference between writing an average book and a brilliant one. I’m so appreciative of authors who take the time to get the dialogue and the details right.  

What are the 3 books that inspired your work/career?

Hmm, I would have to say…

The Three Musketeers – I love the entire series. I especially love the characters and Alexandre Dumas’ story telling abilities. 
Paul Gaugin’s journal, Noa Noa. This is his journal of his life in the South Pacific. It provides a fascinating insight into the Polynesian culture. It also inspired me to write A Maiden’s Honor.
To Kill a Mockingbird: This one of my favorite books of all time. I love the story and her characters. 

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

That depends on the budget. If money isn't an issue, I would live in a chateau in Provence, France (like the one in A Good Year). I could also live in Switzerland or New Zealand.  Then again, I could be happy living in a cottage on a quiet lake. I’m okay if I don’t get my house on the lake. I live in a quiet neighborhood. I love my home, and I’m surrounded by wonderful neighbors.  What more could I ask?

Anything else you might want to add? 

Thanks for interviewing me. I had a great time answering your questions!


About the Author

Josanna Thompson is the author of A Maiden's Honor and The Woman from Eden series. She has lived in many different places in the United States, including the Southeast, the Midwest, California, and the Northeast. When she is not writing; she enjoys traveling, exploring, and scuba diving.

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